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Complete Guide to Online High Schools: Distance learning options for teens and adults has been drastically revised in this second edition. The book now includes almost triple the number of schools and has become the definitive work about online high schools. Written by online learning expert Thomas Nixon, it focuses on accredited online high schools and the selection process.

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NorthStar Academy

NorthStar Academy offers an online Christian education either led by a teacher or led by parents. It also offers dual credit courses available through either LeTourneau University or through Moody Bible Institute. NorthStar Academy 3790 Goodman … [Read More...]

Greenways Academy

Greenways Academy focuses on students who “…have difficulty excelling in a traditional school because of medical conditions, learning disabilities, psychological issues, or unique scheduling needs. Its program is for students in grades 5 – 12. … [Read More...]


Uniquely, CompuHigh bills itself as the world’s first online high school. Given that it was established online in 1994, this appears to be true. Students are able to enroll and begin courses immediately. The online diploma program is called Whitmore … [Read More...]

Oak Meadow School

Oak Meadow School provides you with everything that you need to homeschool your children. The program is built around established academic standards, but also seeks to educate the whole child. Oak Meadow School PO Box 1346 Brattleboro, Vermont  … [Read More...]

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Why should we have charter schools in the first place?

In America, anyone is free to open a new school – establish an educational philosophy, accept students, hire teachers and start teaching them. These new schools are called private schools. When this type of school is founded with a religious mission … [Read More...]

How to improve our schools (column)

Implement a new school code. It should be patterned after the less regulated private school code to eliminate the inefficiencies contained in the out of date School Code of 1949 and regulations that have resulted in significant unnecessary spending … [Read More...]

Mary Burke wrong on choice schools and tax credits

I was disappointed to learn that gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke told an audience at a recent luncheon that she would roll back the statewide expansion of the school choice program and eliminate the new private school tax deduction. She called … [Read More...]

Senate panel adopts school finance reform bill

The Senate's budget committee wrapped hours of debate Tuesday night by approving a bill responding to Kansas Supreme Court orders to correct unconstitutional inequities in public school funding that carried an annual price tag of $129 … [Read More...]

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